Police Complaints


Help with making a complaint about the police

If you are unhappy with your encounter with the police – whether a serious complaint like an illegal search or police harassment or a minor criticism like the officer being rude – then HISSMG strongly encourage you to make a complaint.

Ken Hinds, Chairman of the HISSMG, following years of being stopped & searched in London, won a court case against the British Transport Police for ‘wrongful arrest’. He then received a formal apology and compensation. How?  Because he made a formal complaint. This highlights the fact that complaining can give justice to those wronged.

Official complaints

HISSMG will assist you in making a formal complaint against the police. (If you are unsure whether you have sufficient grounds for an official complaint, or just want advice, then call us  first on 07986 297 542)

To start the process you will need tell us briefly about the circumstances of your complaint, and attach any relevant information (e.g. copy of Stop & Search slip 5090 form). Email this information to us using the form on the right. We will then contact you with a view to explaining the complaints process and supporting you if you want to go ahead with it.

Unofficial complaints or comments

If you don’t want to make an official complaint, but just want to tell us about your experience of stop and search – good or bad – then write to us via the email box  on the right.

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