Alvin has been involved in Haringey Independent Stop & Search Monitoring Group (HISSMG) since 2010.  Alvin has been a ‘victim’ in unfair Stop & Search Incidents involving the Metropolitan Police in London many times. Alvin now understands that it is essential the Police are held accountable for their behaviour and actions during Stop & Search Incidents with the Public, and has set out to help to ensure Local Police Units co-operate with Public and Statutory bodies by challenging the excessive use of the Police Section 60 Stops and highlighting the Police Codes of Practice they are trained to adhere to when carrying out Stops of any kind in Public.

After many years of struggling to have their voice heard, Alvin and the HISSMG Team can now see the impact their work is beginning to have especially at Government Level, where the necessary implementation of change needs to take place before it can filter down to Street Level and make a difference!

Alvin’s Key achievements so far include designing the HISSMG “Know Your Rights” Card which also features “Codes of Conduct” and offers independent advice when encountering a Stop & Search Incident with the Metropolitan Police!

Alvin would like to see more racially diverse Volunteers from the Local Community to join or support HISSMG as Stop & Search encounters effect every part of any Local Community in the UK!