June is a local parent and mother of several children – all but one (a daughter) has been stopped in Haringey by police on scores of occasions.  On each occasion, nothing illegal was found, yet the stops and searches continue. June has particular concerns about the potentially damaging effect of stops and searches on children.  June’s youngest son was first stopped when he was 11 – tho’ he looked around eight years old. The police told him they wanted to search him because he ‘looked like someone’.  Her son felt intimidated, fearful, embarrassed and ridiculed –the police were laughing as they searched him. Her son wasn’t given any written record of the search, although entitled to a receipt. It was two years before June’s son told his mother about his first encounter with the police. They made him feel afraid, though he’d done nothing wrong.  Now, he dislikes and has little trust in the police.

June is particularly keen to get feedback from other parents – men and women – who have concerns about the treatment of their children by the police.  She’d also like to set up support groups for parents, including ones for women only, if there is demand for this in the borough. If you have concerns about your child, would like to attend a support group, or just want to tell HISSMG about your views and experiences as a parent (confidentiality respected), please contact June at: