Lynn has lived in Haringey for over 30 years and is a television documentary maker by profession. She first joined HISSMG in 2011 after learning that anger around unfair stop and search was a major contributory cause to the riots.  Each year, the Haringey police receive only a tiny number of complaints about stop and search.  Lynn wants to change that to reflect a more honest picture.  She understands that people are reluctant to complain for many reasons and hopes that HISSMG will give them the confidence to do so – through free help and support, from writing down the complaint to accompanying them to court for a compensation claim, if it goes that far.

Lynn strongly believes that individual police officers should be held accountable for unprofessional conduct and wants people to let HISSMG know when they’ve experienced a ‘bad’ search.  A passionate believer in fairness, Lynn also believes that officers who conduct searches appropriately and with respect do deserve credit and is keen to get feedback on the ‘good’ officers who can act as examples to their colleagues.