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We want to hear about your experiences of stop and search – good and bad. We also want to know how you think stop and search can be improved.

Please use the email form below to tell us.

Any information you send us via this email will be kept private, unless you instruct us otherwise.

If you have a video or audio copy of a police stop and search encounter that you’d like to share, please send us a copy, along with your comments. Let us know if it was you who was stopped, or someone else – and ideally the date, place and time of the encounter. If you have badge numbers relating to particular officers, don’t forget to include these.

Your feedback matters.

It can help us to improve police practice and result in officers being retrained or disciplined if they’ve behaved illegally or unprofessionally.

We’re also keen to hear positive feedback about officers who deserves credit for conducting searches in a respectful manner.

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